Gratitude Log #5: January 2021

It is weird to acknowledge that a month of 2021 is almost over. Where has all the time gone? I still remember welcoming 2020 so vividly, before the entire world witness lockdowns. Yet, it seems like a lifetime ago.

With everything going on across the globe over the last one year, I decided to pen down some of the things I am grateful for to remind myself that gratitude goes a long way, especially during these times. So, here are the things I am grateful for, in January.

My blog

This is not exclusive to just this month but in January, I got a bit more engagement in my blog than usual. This is a great thing, considering how passionate I am regarding my blog. I have also been trying to better my blog a bit more and the process is thrilling and enjoyable.

More book review requests

I got a bunch of book review requests this month. Although it is hectic, having to juggle with so many book requests, but I am also grateful for it. As a book lover, reading plays an important role in my life and being able to combine it with blogging is amazing. I do feel like I need to be organised regarding this and I am trying. It is new to me but I believe that I will figure it out with time.

Outing with friends

I had my first outing with friends after 10 months. TEN MONTHS! Can you believe it? With the pandemic hitting us hard, it was not easy to go out and meet people. And it took me 10 months to meet up with a couple of my friends and just enjoy the moment. As an introvert, I never gave much thought to these outings. I enjoyed them, no doubt. But that was it. This month, I went out with my friends twice and gosh! It was a newfound experience that I have started cherishing more!

Library membership

I finally got a physical library membership after 1.5 years! My previous library is 3 hours from my house and so, going there was a bit hectic. However, a few months ago, another branch of the same library was established just 10 minutes away from where I live, which is great! Now, I can enjoy more books and I even go there to work at times!


I cannot end the post without talking about my favourite season of the year. I live in a sub-tropical country and winter is something special to me. It’s those couple of months a year that gives me a break from the scorching sun. It is gonna end soon and I am enjoying every bit of it!

By the way, I am writing this post with a headache and blocked nose, which I am sure, I got due to the cold! But, you know what, I am still not complaining about winter! I love the season too much to let this hamper my mood. 😂

So, there you go! These are the things I am grateful for this month. I really cannot believe that a month of 2021 is already over. Seriously, though! Where did all this time go?

🔊 What are you grateful for this month?

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3 thoughts on “Gratitude Log #5: January 2021”

  1. I love that you’re doing gratitude blog posts too! They’re so helpful for keeping positive, especially during times as crazy as these. I hope you enjoy your library membership – new books are always exciting 😀

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