Gratitude Log #6: July 2021

🗺️ Learning a New Language I have started learning German and I am absolutely loving it. I love languages and learning German took me back to the days of my bachelor when I was taking French classes and how I absolutely loved the experience. I would love to go back to an academic setting to learn German… Continue reading Gratitude Log #6: July 2021

Gratitude Log #5: January 2021

It is weird to acknowledge that a month of 2021 is almost over. Where has all the time gone? I still remember welcoming 2020 so vividly, before the entire world witness lockdowns. Yet, it seems like a lifetime ago. With everything going on across the globe over the last one year, I decided to pen… Continue reading Gratitude Log #5: January 2021

Gratitude Log #3: October 2020

A new month. Where has all this time gone? It feels like just yesterday it was March, and the government was declaring a lockdown to combat the spread of COVID-19. This year has truly been something else. And it has also given us a new-found sense of reality. So, here I pen down the things… Continue reading Gratitude Log #3: October 2020