How to Train Your Brain to Find Joy in Simplicity?

Learn to appreciate life's small joys and find happiness in simplicity. Cultivate a mindset of gratitude and contentment, practice mindfulness, and focus on the present moment to find joy in everyday activities. Let go of what's unimportant and embrace what matters to achieve balance and contentment. By taking a positive approach to life and training your brain to find happiness in simpler things, you can experience joy, satisfaction, and fulfilment. Live a life of gratitude and joy by appreciating the beauty in every moment.

From Materialistic to Mindful: A Practical Guide for Training Your Brain to Seek Happiness Within

Are you tired of feeling like you need more possessions to be happy? Let’s explore practical strategies for training your brain to value experiences over things and break the cycle of consumerism, while cultivating a more mindful relationship with your possessions and find true fulfilment in the present moment.

Gratitude Log #6: July 2021

🗺️ Learning a New Language I have started learning German and I am absolutely loving it. I love languages and learning German took me back to the days of my bachelor when I was taking French classes and how I absolutely loved the experience. I would love to go back to an academic setting to learn German… Continue reading Gratitude Log #6: July 2021

Gratitude Log #5: January 2021

It is weird to acknowledge that a month of 2021 is almost over. Where has all the time gone? I still remember welcoming 2020 so vividly, before the entire world witness lockdowns. Yet, it seems like a lifetime ago. With everything going on across the globe over the last one year, I decided to pen… Continue reading Gratitude Log #5: January 2021

Gratitude Log #4: December 2020

2020 is ending. What a year had it been! Around these hard and trying times, we could all use some gratitude. Sometimes, during the din and bustle of life, we tend to forget the right moments. We can develop a negative outlook because of the stressful times out there. And 2020 sure did participate in… Continue reading Gratitude Log #4: December 2020

Gratitude Log #3: October 2020

A new month. Where has all this time gone? It feels like just yesterday it was March, and the government was declaring a lockdown to combat the spread of COVID-19. This year has truly been something else. And it has also given us a new-found sense of reality. So, here I pen down the things… Continue reading Gratitude Log #3: October 2020

Gratitude Log #2: April 2020

Here are the things I'm grateful for, in April! Home & Health I know that I have said this last month but it keeps striking back to me, especially during these times. Needless to say, I have taken my home and my health for granted previously and embarrassingly enough, it took a worldwide pandemic to… Continue reading Gratitude Log #2: April 2020

Gratitude Log #1: March 2020

This is another category that I had in my mind for some time now. During these dark and trying times, we need to reflect and count our blessings as it can get dire at times. So, here are some things I am grateful for the month of March. Home & health During this time of… Continue reading Gratitude Log #1: March 2020