From Materialistic to Mindful: A Practical Guide for Training Your Brain to Seek Happiness Within

Are you tired of feeling like you need more possessions to be happy? Let’s explore practical strategies for training your brain to value experiences over things and break the cycle of consumerism, while cultivating a more mindful relationship with your possessions and find true fulfilment in the present moment.

How to Embrace Meaningful Productivity?

"Productivity" is the new buzzword. And I have talked quite a bit about it on my blog. Like everything in life, productivity has both pros and cons, depending on how you are incorporating it into your life. While we see the glorified version of productivity on the internet, today, we are going to make a… Continue reading How to Embrace Meaningful Productivity?

Why You Should Try Out More Things (and Quit Them)?

I have a confession: I am a completionist. I tend to finish almost all of my tasks. This ranges from reading a book I do not enjoy to finishing a course that might not be giving me any value. And, while sticking to things can be beneficial in the long run, this is not always… Continue reading Why You Should Try Out More Things (and Quit Them)?

One Step at a Time

We are nearing the half-year mark of 2022, and it has already been quite a lot for me! For the last few months, I have been making arrangements for potential future shifts in my life. I will spare you the boring details right now and reserve that for future posts (if need be). However, change… Continue reading One Step at a Time

3 Reasons Why Mental Clarity is Important

When we experience mental clarity, we see ourselves as we really are, without any doubts or biases. This helps us make sound decisions and stop worrying about what other people might think. This clarity helps us appreciate life as it is and the little things. It's a great feeling to feel confident and content with… Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Mental Clarity is Important

The Importance of Self-Care: 3 Ways to Implement It

Disclaimer: I am not a professional mental health expert. These few months have been hectic, and this post is a reflection of that. Big changes are coming in my life and I have to prioritise certain things to cope. Unfortunately, blogging wasn't one of that. That does not mean that I am over it. I… Continue reading The Importance of Self-Care: 3 Ways to Implement It

New Year, New Me?

2021 finally arrived. Resolutions are being made. People out there are attacking with rejuvenated motivation. After all, it's a fresh start. A blank canvas. Right? New year, new me. Right? In today's world, we have established very quantitative goals in our lives. The numbers game has become more prevalent than before. How many followers do… Continue reading New Year, New Me?

Are New Year Resolutions Worth It?

'Tis that time of the year again. With Christmas just knocking at the door, most of us are gearing up to have a set of resolutions to fulfil the upcoming year. We look back, see what was missing, set a determined goal to do something different next year. We start the new year with jest… Continue reading Are New Year Resolutions Worth It?